Most screen printing companies will charge you a $20 screen set-up charge per color for each side of a shirt. At Wholesale Screen Printing we don’t charge any screen set-up costs. Nor do we charge any digitizing set-up costs for embroidery.

Example: You have a design that you want printed on a colored shirt. You want 3 colors on the front and 3 colors on the back. On top of just those colors most screen printing companies will also charge you for an extra base color on each side. So based on the average of $20/screen, You would be looking at $160 in just screen set-up costs. Not with us! We don’t charge any set-up costs.

Sample Shirt: 3 colors front + base color and 3 colors back + base color

Most Screen Printing Companies = $160

Wholesale Screen Printing = FREE (No set-up charges)